Welcome to P N Central Academy |
P.N. Central Academy has been built on pillars of my knowledge and hard-work and I welcome new technologies to accelerate the teaching-learning process in a classroom assisted by the very simple formulae of teaching – be a child and teach, understand them and see how easy it is for each child to grasp your knowledge and play with it, giving their lives new color each day. This school will stand as an example to all where simplicity, contentment, self-evaluation, growth of inner-self, peace, culture & moral values and non-exhibition of materialism are given more importance than great academic achievement with none of the above in a student. Result may vary child to child, but we look forward to children to become a Good Samaritan and a true patriot of his country. The only religion the school follows is the religion of Humanity.
I extend my best wishes to the Director,principal,Vice-principal,Staff and Students fro striving hard in the pursuit of excellence. Iam sure that thier hard work and dedication will bring many more laurels and glory to the school in times of come.
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